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If you have scrap cars in Melbourne that you’d like to get rid of sooner rather than later. A typical Car Buyer is likely to say, “no way that!’ if you offer them a damaged scrap or unwanted vehicle. Do you think that this means you’ll be forced to have to pay for your car to be taken away?

There’s no way! Cars Needed Melbourne will be happy to take your unwanted car from any location within Melbourne using our free Car Removal services. Sounds good? We’ll also give you a hefty ‘ Cash for Cars amount, regardless of what condition your car is in at the moment. It’s a win-win situation, in fact.

How to Get Cash for Junk Cars in Melbourne Today?

Cash for Junk Cars

Are you looking to sell your old car at a fair price? If you’re a resident of Melbourne, then you’re lucky!

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The process is as simple as ordering food delivery.

Step 1. Get in touch via Cars Wanted Melbourne:

After you have accepted our no-cost and no-obligation instant cash for Cars offers, you can make your scrap Car removal meeting with us at the most convenient time for you.

Contact us, and our helpful team can give you a quote on the phone within minutes that we will base on the complete description of the car you want to purchase. It is also possible to fill out our online ‘Get A Quote request form.

Cars Wanted Melbourne

Step 2: Sell Your Car Fast:

Cars Wanted Melbourne’s team of experts will be there at the scheduled time. We’ll go over the necessary documentation with you and make everything simple to comprehend. After that we’ll make you the highest-priced offer according to the terms it was promised.

1. Free valuation:

Enter your car details to receive your free instant car valuation. If you prefer, call us to receive your valuation and schedule an appointment to sell your car.

2. Inspection:

We will provide an offer to purchase your used car and pay cash on the spot. We can come to a location convenient for you, or you can visit one of our locations to sell your car.Inspection

Step 3: Receive Your Free Junk Car Removal:

After everything is completed (this isn’t likely to take more than 30 minutes). Our Car Removal Experts will remove your scrap car once everything is done. Car removal Experts will then remove your vehicle away from its place of origin.

Get Free Scrap Car Removals from any location in Melbourne today:

Free Scrap Car Removals from any location in Melbourne

The Scrap Service for Car Removal is accessible at any time. We’ll be there whenever you want time or at any point in your spare time. If your car has been completely destroyed in an accident or has been written off, We’ll be happy to purchase it back from you.




We frequently travel across the country from Melbourne, VIC and many other regions of Australia to buy vehicles. In all of Australia, from Tasmania up to Cairns and everywhere between, You can sell your car today through Car Buyers Online.


We typically pay higher than dealers or trade-ins because of our distinctive valuation method and our vast market of potential buyers. We will also offer you a same-day payment. And should you require it, we will pay off your car loan without issues.



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