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Car battery disposal Melbourne

Want to recycle car batteries for instant cash?

Car battery disposal Melbourne , buys all car , van , SUV , ute and 4 x 4 batteries. Look no further. We are scrap metal dealers in Melbourne, offering car battery recycling services. Call us on 0408795705 , we pay the best prices , quick payment and fast pickup

What is a recycled car battery?

Before your hand nears a trash can to throw out your old car battery, think what will happen if we run out of resources? Car batteries contain valuable materials, which, if not recycled, will one day vanish from the earth. Recycling them saves resources and keeps the environment clean and green.

How can old car batteries cause contamination?

When you throw an old battery in your garbage bin, toxic substances like mercury, lead, sulfuric acid, and nickel seep into the other materials, destroying their recycled value. The waste from your bin will be picked up by the garbage disposal truck and disposed of in a landfill.

If the hazardous chemicals of the battery come into contact with rainwater, it can form leachate, a kind of toxic liquid, which will further contaminate the soil and groundwater.

What are the benefits of recycling used car batteries?

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What will happen when there is no place left on earth to make a landfill?

Every year in Melbourne, about 3 million tones of waste is disposed of in the landfills, from which 73% is being recycled while other natural resources which are recyclable go to waste. Besides recovering materials, recycling old car batteries can positively impact the environment.

It allows waste materials to be re-processed like plastic, which could make battery casing, and almost anything, like lead-acid, which can help create new batteries & cells in solar panels. In addition, electrolytes from old batteries can be used in new electrolyte solutions or help in any industrial operation.

At the same time, sulfate crystals could be used in laundry detergents and glassmaking. Recycling your dead batteries can provide further benefits for you, which we have stated here.

Selling your dead battery will earn you money:

Selling your dead battery will earn you money

We go through an immense volume of batteries in our life. The list keeps on growing from using them in our cars, trucks, mobile phones, electronics, emergency lighting, and air conditioners.

Just imagine if you had sold them to a scrap dealer, how much you could have earned?

Old batteries might not be valuable for you, but scrap dealers will happily take them off your hand. As it turns out, dead batteries can make you money. Instead of disposing of them in the nearest trash can, you can sell them to recycling services for a fair price and earn some good hard cash in return.

Not a bad bargain for a dead battery?

However, how much you’ll earn depends on the quality and quantity of an old battery and its current market price. If you sell good-quality batteries in large quantities, you’ll most probably earn more.

Recycling batteries is great for your wallet and the environment :

Nickel, cadmium, lithium, and lead-acid batteries pose a high risk to the environment if not handled properly. Many states have strict rules to promote safe car battery disposal. If you live in Victoria, Melbourne, and violate the law by throwing them in the garbage, you could get in real trouble.

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From July 2019 Victorian Government had already banned the disposal of old batteries in landfills. You cannot even throw them in your trash can; otherwise, there will be a high penalty to pay. So, to be on the safe side of the law, it would be better to follow the regulations, and you always have the choice to find the nearest scrap dealer to dispose of your lead-acid battery.

Car Battery recycling can save your health:

You never know the last time you threw an old battery in the garbage, where it ended up? They say that our sin haunts us, and in this case, when we dispose of batteries, they can end up in our favorite dish. Back to us again, but this time with a health risk. Lithium and lead-acid batteries have hazardous materials and make a toxic cocktail together.

They shouldn’t be placed together, whereas a landfill would combine their chemistries, resulting in a fire. That’s why many landfills often catch fire, and the smoke wafting away from it can contribute to global warming, which can have an adverse effect on our health.

In addition, the toxic vapors rising from the lead and lithium batteries get trapped in the atmosphere, which can bring out chemical rain, further polluting our drinking water and destroying marine life. So, the next time your hand reaches out to a trash can, remember the health risk of car battery disposal and think about recycling it. After all, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

The battery recycling process can conserve resources:

Materials used to make batteries are infinitely recyclable and can be used again to make new car batteries. They are also non-renewable, expensive, and difficult to find. The growing demand for battery production means that more miners are working to extract minerals used in batteries from the earth, releasing hazardous waste into the air.

Recycling the scrap metal helps to conserve these materials and minimizes the demand to extract them.

Recycled battery materials can be reused:

Cars usually have lead batteries, which have 99% recyclability, making them ideal substances for recycling. But if these batteries are thrown in a landfill, their recycling potential goes to waste.

Recyclers extract the lead compounds from old car batteries and sell them to manufacturing companies, which further use them to make new car batteries. This decreases the overall price of new batteries.

Car lead-acid battery recycling process:

Lead-acid batteries consist of a plastic casing, lead compounds, and sulphuric acid. In a recycling plant, the scrap batteries are first crushed, and then each substance of these scrap batteries is extracted to be sold to different industries.

How to safely dispose of car batteries?

Old car batteries should be handled with care. If you want to take it out for recycling purposes, remove it with care and always place it in a leak-proof container to transport.

For safe disposal, never mix lithium and lead-acid batteries because the former is a highly combustible material and is likely to cause a fire. Disinfect the batteries but make sure not to touch the two terminals. Also, never use soap to disinfect because it could cause a short circuit and eventually produce fire or thermal runaway.

Always wear goggles and gloves while disposing of car batteries. Now your car battery is ready for recycling. You can take it to a reliable scrap metal dealer to get the best price quote, just contact us on 0408795705